Makino Original Blend Tea 3 Types Set
Makino Original Blend Tea 3 Types Set
Makino Original Blend Tea 3 Types Set
Makino Original Blend Tea 3 Types Set
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Makino Original Blend Tea 3 Types Set

An original blended tea set with the theme of a plant related to Dr. Tomitaro Makino, who is called "the father of Japanese plant taxonomy".

And the like to the base plant is Makino Dr. was named blend of tea leaves, Kochi Prefecture, it is said to be Japan's number one clear stream in Tsumikusa of the headwaters of Niyodogawa (Tsumikusa) is making a blended tea tree.

It uses "Suecozasa", "Misohagi" and "Yuzu"
as the raw materials. The blend with the mountain flavor that has become rare nowadays can be called "Japanese herbal tea". Enjoy the taste and aroma of the plant itself.

Sueko-zasa (Suekozasa) - Sasaella Ramosa . Var Suwekoana

  • The blue tint of bamboo, a kettle of sun finishing roasted tea and Dokudami, and in a slightly mint, refreshing summarized. Blended - kettle roasted tea, Dokudami, Suekozasa, peppermint

Misohagi (Misohagi) - Lythrum anceps (Koehne) Makino

  • The fragrant taste of kettle roasted tea and Dokudami, after a soft menthol of the sum mint has spread to your mouth, the pleasant bittersweetness remains in the mouth slightly. Blend contents- Kama-roasted tea, dokudami, misohagi, and mint 

Yuzu - Citrus Junos Slightly

Sour citron peel and ginger. The base is autumn-picked pot-roasted tea. Blend contents The botanical drawings on the packages of citron,ginger, hojicha and lemongrass.

The tea leaves in the tea bag retain the shape of the plant as much as possible when processed.