Kanebo Refining Primer


Kanebo Refining Primer

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Eliminates small shadows and creates a bright complexion. The smoothness that you can get by adjusting the unevenness of the skin such as texture and pores to a flat surface.
A complexion with an orange glow that evens out the unevenness on the skin and makes it appear bright.
The skin from which the small folds have been erased begins to talk about its pure beauty. 

Dual elastic gel - Smooths the skin with a correction effect that covers textures, pores, and irregularities flatly to make them inconspicuous.
Glamorous floral scent - 
It is based on tea topic, which is the fragrance of fresh and lovely tea flowers, while the scent of flowers and ripe fruits melts together.

How to use - Apply to the entire face after preparing the skin with skin care.
Take an appropriate amount on the back of your hand or fingertips and spread it directly on your skin. When you want to make a beautiful finish, the standard usage is one small pearl with a diameter of about 5 mm.

  • 30ml SPF10 PA+