Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow
Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow
Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow
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Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow


Color 01 Neutral Gray

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Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow.

Finish the eyebrows with soft skin .
Though it is a pencil, it is soft and comfortable to draw.
An eyebrow that can be drawn thick or thin.
A sophisticated eyebrow with a color familiar to the skin and beautiful lines and contours.

How to use -

  • Please use it by setting it in the Kanebo Pencil Eyebrow Holder (sold separately).
  • Hold the tip of the pencil, turn the holder to the right, and extend the lead by 1 to 2 mm before use. After use, lower the wick to restore it.
  • Turn the holder to the right and click when you hear a clicking sound and the core does not come out. You are finished using it, so please purchase a new refill.
  • Kanebo Please insert the pencil eyebrow firmly into the holder and set. It is a type with an eyebrow brush set on the tail plug. Please use after removing the cap.

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