Kanebo Light Glow Primer
Kanebo Light Glow Primer
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Kanebo Light Glow Primer



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Produces a complexion and luster while making the skin color even.

A makeup base that creates a fluffy, light-skinned skin color. If you put it on your skin, it will give you a soft and complex complexion. It's a prologue for beauty.

Lively skin impression with a complexion - A red pearl with the impression of a 5R color that creates a natural complexion that blends into the skin.

Aroma tea Topia scent - A refreshing green floral scent based on tea topia, which is the scent of fresh and lovely tea flowers.
  • How to use - Apply to the entire face after conditioning the skin with skincare. Take an appropriate amount on the back of your hand or fingertips and spread it directly on your skin. When you want to make a beautiful finish, the standard usage is one small pearl with a diameter of about 5 mm.
  • 30ml SPF10・PA+