Kanebo Fusionfit Wear
Kanebo Fusionfit Wear
Kanebo Fusionfit Wear
Kanebo Fusionfit Wear


Kanebo Fusionfit Wear

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Color Pink Ocher B

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It's like changing to your ideal skin. Makes the skin look beautiful.

Skin color wear that brings out the beauty of the skin itself, just like conditioning skin.
An ultra-thin film that adheres to the skin so that it covers the dullness, unevenness, and pores of the skin, yet gives a clear and glossy finish. 

Instantly forms a uniform, ultra-thin film that adheres to the skin. Although it is light and comfortable to wear, it firmly covers dull skin, unevenness and pores. Produces fresh and shiny skin.

The hybrid pigment, which is similar to the one found on the skin and is coated with a pigment containing an amino acid derivative, blends into the skin and blends into the skin to give a clear, beautiful color.

The 5R compound base effect gives the skin a complexion and blends beautifully with the skin color.

You can freely express your skin impression by mixing it with Kanebo Performing Drop. After preparing the skin with skin care, use Kanebo Fusion Fit Wear once for the amount of Kanebo Fusion Fit Wear used once (approx. 1 to 2 pumps for the entire face). Mix the amount (a few drops are recommended) and spread evenly over the face.

  • 8 colors
  • SPF27/PA++ (Ocher A: SPF18/PA++/Ocher D: SPF26/PA+++/Ocher E: SPF21/PA+++)
  • 30ml