Kanebo Drawing Paint
Kanebo Drawing Paint
Kanebo Drawing Paint
Kanebo Drawing Paint
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Kanebo Drawing Paint


Color 01 Air Beige

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As you draw a picture, you can freely add colors, stack them, and mix them.
A cream-type multi-paint color that creates a unique image. As an accent item to finish impressively. Draw me with color and personality.

A cream-type multi-paint color that you can enjoy freely. Like oil paint, you can freely adjust the thickness and thinness of the coating film. Produces a sense of unity with the skin with a soft, glossy finish. You can mix paints to create your own color, luster, and light. With a moist and moist texture, it blends in and adheres as if melting. With the 5R compound base effect, any color will blend into the skin and give an impressive finish.

  • As a cheek/ As an eye shadow or eye shadow base/ As a rouge or lipstick base
  • 01 Air Beige <Limited> - Air beige that fits closely to the skin in both color and texture, and blends gently into your facial expressions.
  • 02 Glam Gold <Limited> - Glam gold shines brilliantly and brilliantly, with luxurious gold accenting the expression.
  • 03 Bloody Red <Limited> - Bloody red with a deep red and gold pearl woven to give a lively look.
  • Available on 09/04/2020