Kanebo Drawing Crayons


Kanebo Drawing Crayons

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Color 01 Bronze Pearl

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Kanebo drawing crayons.

A crayon for the mouth, eyes and face that collects soft light to create natural shadows and adjusts the skeleton to enhance modeling.

Drawing crayon with outstanding skeleton as nuance slip as shading and highlight or as eye shadow.

A crayon-like multi-crayon that fits smoothly on the skin with a balm-like texture and creates natural shadows.
A color blended with delicate nuance pearls that blends in with all skin tones, with a soft, natural light that complements the molding naturally.
By submerging 5R nuance, it fits well on the skin and gives a natural and impressive finish.

01 Bronze Pearl - Bronze pearl that blends in with all skin tones and enhances the depth of modeling.

02 Milky Pearl - Milky pearl that adds a natural transparency.