Kanebo Deep Gel Eyeliner

Color 01 Sharp Black

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Kanebo Deep Gel Eyeliner.

A deep, dark color that's wet and mesmerizing.
A gel eyeliner that creates delicate pearls and deep coloring that creates shiny, wet eyes.
Color variations that you can enjoy with any look you want.
Look with different nuances to enjoy with gel eyeliner.

5R red Based on 5R, which is the center of the red hue, it creates a natural complexion that oozes from the inside, making the skin look beautiful.

01 Sharp Black - Sharp black that makes your eyes stand out and creates a cool look.

02 Tender Brown - Tender brown that creates a dignified yet gentle expression.

03 Thumping Red - Samping red with deep red that makes you feel your heart.

How to use - Hold the tip of the pencil, turn the holder to the right, and extend the lead by 1 to 2 mm before use. If you put it out too much, it may break. After use, lower the wick to restore it. After use, please tighten the cap properly until you hear a click. If you do not squeeze it, the core will be hard and it will be difficult to draw.