Kanebo Concealer Compact
Kanebo Concealer Compact
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Kanebo Concealer Compact



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Hide troubled spots and anxious bears. A 3-color concealer that allows you to freely control the impression of your skin.

Camouflage with a soft texture that quickly melts along the unevenness and unevenness of spots, freckles, and bears. A three-color concealer that adjusts the color to your worries about your skin and creates a smooth, natural skin that looks like bare skin.

Based on 5R, which is the center of the red hue, it creates a natural complexion that oozes from the inside, making the skin look beautiful.

How to use -  A orange: bear, stains, dullness, B light: skin familiarity (color to be adjusted according to skin color), C medium: dark spots freckles, acne scars.
After preparing the skin with a makeup base or applying a foundation, use it as a single color or as a blend according to the color of the area of ​​concern.
To cover a bear Lightly apply orange along the border of the bear with a thick brush. Use the brush or fingers to blend the boundaries.
When covering stains, Light stain - Mix orange, light, and medium to adjust to the skin color and cover. Apply with your fingers. Dark stain - Place orange or medium on a dark area and let it blend in. Mix light and medium to adjust the brightness to the same level as the skin color and apply from above. Apply with your fingers.