Jill Stuart Lucky Gem My Lips Limited

Color 01 Thoughtful Aquarius

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Jill Stuart Lucky Gem My Lips Limited.

Glitter like a shining star, dyed in your own color.
A lucky charm lip that attracts happiness and confidence.

Amulet lips with lucky jewels, inspired by the constellation stones that are said to have the power to attract happiness. The colors and designs inspired by each constellation stone and the messages from the stars are perfect gifts for yourself and your loved ones.
High-brightness horoscope stardust powder Combined to express the sparkle of shining stars.
The constellation stone color stick reacts to the moisture of the lips and dyes it in your own color. A tint lipstick that gives you a pure complexion with a clean finish that makes your lips look beautiful.

01 Thoughtful Aquarius December 18, 2020 10:00 Reservation started

02 Gregarious Pisces Released at 10:00 on February 5

05 promised Gemini Released at 10:00 on May 7
06 Faithful Cancer Released at 10:00 on June 4
07 Confident Leo  Released at 10:00 on July 2
08 Enthusiastic Virgo Released at 10:00 on August 6
09 affirmative Libra Released at 10:00 on September 3
10 Harmonious Scorpio Released at 10:00 on October 3
11 tranquil Sagittarius Released at 10:00 on November 5