Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Sakura Bouquet Perfumed Hair Mist

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Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Something Pure Blue Perfumed Hair Mist.

Flowers provide moisture and lead to healthy hair.
A fragrance hair mist that envelops your hair with the scent of cherry blossoms.


limited release on Feb 16th

●Crystal Bloom Sakura Bouquet Eau de Parfum hair mist that gently wraps your hair in the world's most blissful, soft fragrance, leaving you feeling happy forever.
●A fluffy and fine mist that can be sprayed evenly onto your hair, wrapping it in a veil of subtle fragrance.
● Satozakura extract, peony extract, and rose water provide moisture to your hair, leading to healthy hair.
●There is no dryness or squeakiness, and the finish is smooth and smooth.