ITRIM Ruri White Emulsion
ITRIM Ruri White Emulsion
ITRIM Ruri White Emulsion
ITRIM Ruri White Emulsion
ITRIM Ruri White Emulsion


ITRIM Ruri White Emulsion

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ITRIM Ruri White Emulsion.

Moisturize supple. Turn around for high-brightness skin.

A medicated whitening emulsion that prevents dullness and blemishes and enhances skin tone. Focus on various factors such as dullness and age spots in adults, not just melanin. Adjusts the moisture balance to create a uniform and transparent skin tone. A unique formulation of "blue power" x whitening active ingredient "kojic acid" that prevents dullness and blemishes and contains multifunctional useful plant ingredients that lead to a bright skin impression. The smooth texture softens the skin and mind while filling it with moisture. 

Dullness means that it looks dull due to stains and freckles. Whitening is to suppress the production of melanin and prevent spots and freckles.

75mL Natural ingredients 99%.

<How to use>
・ Estimated amount of use: 2 to 3 swings on 1 sheet of cotton * Use 2 sheets of cotton on the entire face
・ Take an appropriate amount of cotton and hold it in your left and right hands at the same time with symmetrical movements I will familiarize you.
1: Place the emulsion soaked in cotton on 5 places on the face (both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin) and spread lightly.
2: Take a deep breath while pressing the cotton next to your ears to allow the emulsion to penetrate before starting.
3: Apply cotton to the side of the nose and take a deep breath again, then apply cotton under the eyes and then to the temples to allow the emulsion to penetrate.
4: From the center of the face to the outside, gently push it in and let it blend in. In the following order, apply symmetrical movements.
(1) Jin tip-back of ear (2) Below nose-side of ear (3) Side of nose-temple (4) Below eyes / above eyes (5) Tip of nose-between eyebrows (6) Center of forehead-temple-back of ear ( 7) Finally, slide the cotton over the back of your ear to your temples.
5: Finally, gently wrap the entire face with both hands and slowly exhale for a few seconds while holding the skin.