ITRIM Ruri White Cream
ITRIM Ruri White Cream
ITRIM Ruri White Cream
ITRIM Ruri White Cream


ITRIM Ruri White Cream

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ITRIM Ruri White Cream.

Full of elasticity and luster, to a brilliance that springs up from the bottom.

A medicated whitening cream that fills with high-quality moisture and gives clear and radiant skin. Focus on adult skin that easily accumulates melanin. Prevents dullness 2 and blemishes, leaving your skin firm and shiny. Contains useful plant ingredients that prevent the production of melanin and lead to a plump skin impression with a unique formula of "blue power" x whitening active ingredient "kojic acid". 

<How to use>
・ Estimated amount of use: 1 to 2 pearls are a guide with the included spatula.
1: Spread a small amount on the palm of your hand, place your hand next to your ear and take a deep breath to allow the cream to penetrate before starting.
2: Take a deep breath again, covering your nose and mouth with your hands.
3: Gently and gently stretch from the center of the face to the outside. After applying it to the entire face, let the cream left on your hands flow from the back of your ears to the collarbone.
4: Gently wrap the entire face with both hands, hold the skin slowly for a few seconds, and exhale.