ITRIM Ruri White Body Emulsion

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ITRIM Ruri White Body Emulsion.

Makes your whole body radiant and moisturized.

A medicated whitening body emulsion that prevents dullness of the whole body and gives a radiant skin impression. For adult skin, pay attention to the fact that daily habits are a cause of dullness and age spots in addition to UV damage. It takes care of daily environmental stress and keeps your skin healthy, moisturized, and bright. Contains useful plant ingredients that prevent dullness and blemishes and even out the skin color of the whole body with a unique formula of "blue power" x whitening active ingredient "kojic acid". With a texture that fits perfectly on the skin, it protects the skin and fills it with moisture. 

80mL Natural ingredients 99%.

● Apply to clean skin after bathing.
● Recommended to use after conditioning the whole body with Elementary Body Emulsion N.

Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and gently apply it all over the body or where dullness or blemishes are a concern.

[Lower Limbs]
For the legs, spread the product from the tip of the foot to the base of the foot, and then apply it firmly.

[Upper extremities]
Gently press the palm of the hand from the wrist to the armpit, as if stroking the arm from the tip of the shoulder to the back of the hand.

Rub the bust, stomach, and hips together.

Best Cosmetics Awards 2021 second half
Best Cosmetics Awards 2021 first half