ITRIM Elementary Summer Body Care Kit


ITRIM Elementary Summer Body Care Kit

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ITRIM Elementary Summer Body Care Kit.

Turn around to a smooth body.

A clean and beautiful body for a refreshing summer.
ITRIM's basic body care items are included in the kit.
Drainage the body of an adult who tends to get stuck.
Massage with body oil or scrub to polish and refresh your skin.
Just reviewing your daily body soap and moisturizer will make your skin shine brightly.
With smooth and glossy skin, prepare for a refreshing summer.

Set content:
・ ITRIM Elementary Body Treatment Oil 38mL (actual product)
・ ITRIM Elementary Full Body Gommage 20g (Trial Size)
・ ITRIM Elementary Body Soap N 40mL (trial size)
・ ITRIM Elementary Body Emulsion N 40mL (trial size)