ITRIM Elementary Facial Emulsion
ITRIM Elementary Facial Emulsion
ITRIM Elementary Facial Emulsion
ITRIM Elementary Facial Emulsion


ITRIM Elementary Facial Emulsion

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ITRIM Elementary Facial Emulsion.

A soft skin emulsion for adult skin.

A nourishing emulsion that supples and gives vitality to adult skin. With a melting texture, it softens the skin and makes it resistant to damage. Contains Lindera aggregata leaf extract, which gives excellent moisturizing effect and vitality, peach fruit extract, which gives firmness and elasticity, and red clover flower extract, which keeps the skin moist. It prepares the skin to have a lively luster, firmness and elasticity.

Estimated amount of use: 1 to 2 shakes on 1 sheet of cotton / Use 2 sheets of cotton on the entire face
・Use cotton so that it is slowly pressed onto the skin.
* If you slide the cotton on your skin, natural fibers may remain on your skin.
(1) Preparation: Take an appropriate amount on cotton, place it on the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead, and spread it lightly. Place cotton on the side of your nose and press it with your middle finger to take a deep breath.
(2) Application: After applying to the side of the nose, cheeks, and temples, apply by gently pushing in symmetrically from the center of the face to the outside. Finally, slide the cotton down from the back of your ear to your collarbone.
(3) Familiarization: Gently wrap the entire face with both hands and slowly exhale while pressing the skin slowly for a few seconds.

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