Itrim Elementary Full Body Gommage
Itrim Elementary Full Body Gommage
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Itrim Elementary Full Body Gommage



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Itrim Elementary Full Body Gommage.

A body gommage developed to respond to changes in the body of adults, such as lack of firmness of the skin, dullness and wrinkles due to dryness, and thickening of the elbows and heels.
Considering the gentleness to the skin, a well-balanced combination of 3 types of scrubs made of plant mesophyll, natural scrubs made of Japanese materials, and purple clay that adsorbs dirt.
The fresh texture spreads in a small amount and can be applied to the whole body.
The gentle power of useful plants and the massage effect promote the discharge of waste products and lead to a clean body skin.

100g Naturally derived ingredients 99%