ITRIM Elementary Facial Cream


ITRIM Elementary Facial Cream

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ITRIM Elementary Facial Cream.

Gently treats and fills the skin.

A cream that thoroughly focuses on the elasticity and elasticity required by adult skin. With a fluffy and enveloping texture, it adheres comfortably to the skin, fills it with dense moisture without giving it stickiness, and raises the level of skin care to beautify. Contains fermented pear leaf extract that cares for skin damage caused by UV rays, lion's mane extract that gives elasticity and elasticity, and peach flower extract that has excellent skin-beautifying effects and protects the skin. Gives a springy elasticity and elasticity, giving an attractive impression to the facial expression. Keeps beautiful skin full of life.

Estimated amount of use: Use the included spatula to make one or two pearls in
size. Take an appropriate amount on the back of your hand with a spatula and warm it with your fingertips.
(1) Preparation: Place in order from the part of your face that you care about, spread it all over, and take a deep breath by covering your nose and mouth with your hands.
(2) Application: From the center of the face to the outside, slowly and gently spread it in a symmetrical movement. After applying it to the entire face, apply the cream left on your hands by stroking it from the back of your ears to the collarbone.
(3) Familiarization: Gently wrap the entire face with both hands and slowly exhale while pressing the skin slowly for a few seconds