ITRIM Elementary Facial Cleansing Balm

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ITRIM Elementary Facial Cleansing Balm.

Daily cleansing that cleanses and moisturizes.

A balm-type cleansing that has a unique, plump texture. It blends into the skin so that it melts, quickly removes makeup stains and dust adhering to the skin, removes even old keratin that sits on the surface of the skin, and cleans it smoothly and smoothly. Contains raw amazake fermented liquid that gently removes dullness, Amaou lactic acid bacillus that beautifully prepares the skin, and rock rose extract that protects moisture and makes it plump. Makes skin smooth, transparent and moisturized. 


Estimated amount of use: 1 cup with the included spatula
・ Take an appropriate amount on the back of a dry hand and loosen it lightly while warming it with your fingertips.
(1) Application: Place in 5 thick lines on the face, spread over the entire face, and blend with makeup and dirt.
(2) Cleansing: From the bottom to the top of the face, draw a small circle in a symmetrical movement and blend it with the makeup stains.
(3) Rinse: If the feel of your finger changes, it is a sign of rinse. Rinse thoroughly from the center of the face to the sides so that there are no leftovers.