ITRIM Crescent Knee Treatment Serum

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ITRIM Crescent Knee Treatment Serum.

Tighten the skin around the knees.

A treatment serum that intensively cares for the skin around the knees for a beautiful appearance. Contains fermented Bacillus, which has an excellent firming effect, and cherimoya fruit extract, which smoothes the skin. It tightens and prepares, and moisturizes and cares for dullness.

25g Natural ingredients 99%

Estimated amount of use: One pearl on one knee,
used for clean skin after bathing.

1: Apply to the entire area around both knees.
2: With the palm of your right hand, bring the entire inside of your right knee into close contact, loosen it while applying a little light pressure, and loosen it like a massage. Do the same for the inside of the left knee with the palm of your left hand.
3: Draw a circle around the right knee so that it flows alternately with the left and right palms. Rest on your lap. Do the same for the left.

・ When operating 2, firmly grasp the inside of the knee, loosen it, and loosen it.