ITRIM Crescent Bust & Decorte Treatment Serum


ITRIM Crescent Bust & Decorte Treatment Serum

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ITRIM Crescent Bust & Decorte Treatment Serum.

Aiming for a beautiful décolletage and attractive bust.

Bust and décolletage parts that are easily affected by lifestyle and underwear. A bust and décolletage serum that prepares your skin to look like invisible lingerie. Contains ylang-ylang flower extract, which prepares moisturized skin, and pancratium maritimum extract, which gives the skin plump and firmness. Familiarize yourself with a massage.

Estimated amount of use: 1 to 2 pearls Large

1: Apply from the side of the bust to the armpits and spread over the entire bust.
2: Bend from the base with the knuckles extended, place the flat surface on the side of the
bust, hold it, and loosen it by repeating the movement toward the side several times.
3: Place your left palm under the right clavicle and apply it in a small circle. Do the same for the left side with the palm of your right hand.

・ From the side of the bust to the armpit → loosen the application point under the collarbone and loosen it.
・ For movement 3, draw a small circle under the clavicle from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside.