ITRIM Ruri White Serum
ITRIM Ruri White Serum
ITRIM Ruri White Serum
ITRIM Ruri White Serum


ITRIM Ruri White Serum

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ITRIM Ruri White Serum.

Finishing whitening beauty essence that injects transparency and brightness.

Blue layer containing "German chamomile oil" containing azulene. A transparent layer containing the whitening active ingredient "kojic acid". The power of two layers spreads quickly over the entire skin, leaving the skin clean and transparent. By using it at the end of skincare, you can approach the causes of dullness and age spots deep into the skin and everywhere. It fills the skin with a fresh and comfortable texture, leading to transparent and moisturized skin.

<How to use>
・ Estimated amount of use: 1-2 drops (about 1 yen coin size) on all faces
・ Shake the container well before use.
・ Use after conditioning the skin with skin care (cleansing, moisturizing).
1: Spread an appropriate amount on the palm, take a deep breath while putting your hand on the side of your ear, and let the serum penetrate before starting.
2: Take a deep breath again, covering your nose and mouth with your hands.
3: Gently and gently stretch from the center of the face to the outside. After applying it to the entire face, let the serum remaining in your hands flow from the back of your ears to the collarbone.
4: Gently wrap the entire face with both hands, hold the skin slowly for a few seconds, and exhale.
* Take the serum on your fingertips and layer it on the part you care about by gently pushing it in.
・ Finally, wrap the entire face with both hands again and slowly press down on the skin.