Infinesse White Pressurize Mask


Infinesse White Pressurize Mask

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Infinesse White Pressurize Mask.

Gives the tension that adults want and whitens it.
Separate type single-dose medicated whitening pack.

For those who want clear skin with lively and bouncy elasticity. A sheet soaked in beauty essence adheres to the skin so that it adheres to the skin, providing concentrated moisturizing and whitening active ingredients, suppressing the production of melanin, preventing spots and freckles, and fluttering on bright skin. A separate type medicated whitening pack.

1 set (1 for top and 1 for bottom)

    1. Open the bags at once with your dry hands, and take them out one by one for use. The order of application on the skin is mask 1 (for top) → mask 2 (for bottom). (When removing the mask, be careful not to get it on your clothes, etc., as drips may fall off.)
    2. After applying lotion, remove the upper mask from the bag and gently spread it out. Place the mask from the eye area of ​​the widened mask according to the shape of the eyes, and fit the skin from top to bottom while suppressing the contour. Adjust it at the notch in the inner corner of the eye to make it adhere neatly.
    3. After applying the upper mask, remove the lower mask from the bag and gently spread it. Place the mask from the mouth of the widened mask according to the shape of the mouth, pull up the cheeks to fit, then hold the lower part of the notch and pull up the face line.
    4. After about 5 minutes, remove the mask and let the base left on the skin blend well.