Infinesse Force Cleansing Cream IA
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Infinesse Force Cleansing Cream IA



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Albion Anne Infinesse Force Cleansing Cream IA.

For supple and supple skin.
A rich cream type.
For those looking for a firm and elastic skin.
A cleansing cream that gently softens the makeup by blending in with makeup and stains while caring for the skin, leaving your skin soft and supple.
It softens the skin, which tends to become hard by drying, and makes it moist and supple.
A type that can be wiped and rinsed.

How to use - Take about 3 g of cherries in the palm of your hand, put it on 5 places on your face (forehead, both cheeks, nose, chin) and spread it on your skin by drawing a helix with your fingertips. 
Then, wipe the skin with a tissue, taking care not to rub the skin strongly, or rinse with water or lukewarm water.

  • 200g