Infinesse Face Conscious Roller


Infinesse Face Conscious Roller

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Albion Infinesse Face Conscious Roller.

Massage cream with rollers.
To a clean face impression.
A massage cream with a roller that gently smoothes the skin and gives firmness, giving a tight and sharp impression to the skin.

With a refreshing and expansive feel, it quickly fits into the stratum corneum as you massage, leaving you with a firm and firm skin.

A massage with a massage roller stretches the skin so that it lifts the skin.

How to use -

  1. After the emulsion, rotate the massage roller to align the mark with the OPEN position.
  2. Apply an appropriate amount of cream and spread it over the entire face, then return the massage roller to the CLOSE position.
  3. Massage while rolling the rollers across the face. Then wipe it gently or gently with a tissue.
  • 60g