Infinesse Eliminate Cleansing Milk


Infinesse Eliminate Cleansing Milk

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Albion Anne Infinesse Eliminate Cleansing Milk.

Float up to the cause of losing firmness.
Cleansing that protects the fullness of the skin.
It is a cleansing milk that spreads smoothly on your skin with a mellow feel, and quickly blends in with makeup and dirt to ensure a firm make-off, leaving skin supple and smooth.

The velvety mellow base spreads smoothly on the skin, and quickly removes makeup makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells.

How to use - Please use with your palm or cotton.
Apply 2-3 pumps to the palm of your hand to apply the makeup and stains. Then wipe it off with a tissue, being careful not to rub it strongly, or rinse it with water or lukewarm water.
Soak cotton in about 3 pumps, let it mix well with makeup and dirt, and wipe off. Repeat while replacing the cotton until it does not stain.

  • 200g