Helena Rubinstein Replasty Power A + HA Duo

Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein Replasty Power A + HA Duo

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Helena Rubinstein Replasty Power A + HA Duo.

A skin care serum that prepares your skin to be plump, beautiful and smooth while you sleep at night is born. Inspired by a treatment that prepares the dullness and smooth skin of La Clinic Montreux. Developed a two-step night care "Replasty Power A + HA Duo" to moisturize and smooth the skin. Two steps to bring out the characteristics of each ingredient. It is the birth of intensive care while sleeping at night. Sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing ingredient) Retinol (skin conditioning ingredient)

Emollient Serum 30mL
Smoothing Cream 29.4g

<Use Step>
Step 1 Emollient Serum Gel-like serum containing hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin
Step 2 Smoothing cream A creamy beauty essence containing retinol that prepares smooth skin.

<How to use>
・ A 6-week intensive care serum for night use. The guideline is 6 weeks, but please use up the product until the end.
・ Please refrain from using it during the day as it is a beauty essence used at night.

<Amount used>
Emollient serum: 1 push of dropper, smoothing cream: about 2 azuki beans