Hakuhodo New Seven Tools 新・七つ道具


Hakuhodo New Seven Tools 新・七つ道具

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Hakuhodo Ebony Mobile Mini Set.

Everything is 9 cm or less. The definitive portable makeup brush. Everything is 9 cm or less! It is a set that is particular about size and quality. Among them, the fluffy cheek brush made of 100% ash squirrel is excellent! The popular ebony shaft that becomes glossier as you use it is used.
Set contents: Cheek, eye shadow (base), eye shadow (hole), shadow liner, blow, lip, a special case
The metal parts of the pouch may differ from the photo due to specification changes.

Axis material / color: Wood axis / natural
Metal fitting material/color: Black chrome glossy brass / black gloss
size Pouch outer dimensions approx: 180 x 110 x 65