Hakudo Peony Brush Vermilion
Hakudo Peony Brush Vermilion
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Hakudo Peony Brush Vermilion



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Hakudo Peony Brush Vermilion.

Hair quality: Goat
A traditional makeup brush that has been used for white powder for a long time. With plenty of hair and moderate elasticity, it has a covering power, and the finish is hard to lose makeup.
We will convey traditional Japanese makeup brushes and brushes to the present day with the technology unique to Hakuhodo.

Use: Water white powder, powder white powder, powder
Hair material: Goat
Axis material / color: Wood axis / vermilion
size Overall length: 52mm Hair length: 28.0mm Thickness: 29.0mm
Logo / color: Hakuhodo (vertical writing) / hologram