Hakudo Mushroom Brush Vermilion
Hakudo Mushroom Brush Vermilion
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Hakudo Mushroom Brush Vermilion



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Hakudo Mushroom Brush Vermilion.

Hair quality: goat / synthetic fiber

With plenty of hair and moderate elasticity, it has a covering power, and the finish is hard to lose makeup. A shape that has been calculated to fit the skeleton naturally! A small amount of synthetic fiber is blended to make the tips cohesive.

A mushroom brush with a cute roundness.
Mushroom brush with high density and a large amount of hair, so the tips of the hair adhere to even the finest parts of the skin, and the finish does not easily come off.

Use Powder, teak
Hair material: Goat / synthetic fiber
Axis material / color: Wood axis / vermilion
size Overall length: 67mm Hair length: 43.0mm Thickness: 29.0mm
Logo / color: Hakuhodo (vertical writing) / hologram