Hacci Herb x Herb Shampoo_ ichibanmart
Hacci Herb x Herb Shampoo_ ichibanmart
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Hacci Herb x Herb Shampoo



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"Herb x Herb" Shampoo enabling hair to breathe from its core.

This non-silicone shampoo can quickly make a rich yet light, fine lather with the power of honey. The power of 7 carefully selected herbs helps revitalize and deeply hydrate the scalp to soften it. stimulated blood flow helps renew the scalp with energy. Comfortable wash without any over-cleaned squeaking. Recommended for males, too. This is a unisex shampoo made for sharing comfortable relaxation.

  • Rich lather to thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp-Non-silicone shampoo rich with honey, but quick to foam with light, fine bubbles.
  • To prepare the scalp environment, for vivid hair-Angelica kaiseki leaf/stem extract, Salvia officinalis leaf extract and Cynara scolymus leaf extract ** conditions the scalp while adding deep hydration for softer hair. Helps create a healthy scalp environment to grow beautiful hair.
  • For Both Men And Women, Share The Sense Of Freedom With Our Unisex Shampoo. Surrounded by the fragrance of lavender and peppermint, the bathroom turns into a relaxing space.
  • 240ml