Hacci Hand Cream Opera Gloves
Hacci Hand Cream Opera Gloves
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Hacci Hand Cream Opera Gloves



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For fluffy, glossy and smooth hands.
A hand cream that gently moisturizes with the grace of honey, royal jelly extract, beeswax, and honeybee, and cares for the toes with keratin.
The thick cream is surprisingly smooth and familiar, with a supple and firm hand protected by the supple moisturizing veil of French lavender extract*¹ and three types of collagen.
Contains ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10), the key to a lively impression that decreases with age. For the impression that you don't feel age, like forgetting time.
A fascinating fragrance with a hint of sweet sweet berries and berries and peony, with a creamy musk and patchouli finish.
  • 25g