Flora Notice Jill Stuart Blissful Peach Blossom Multi Whipped Butter

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Flora Notice Jill Stuart Blissful Peach Blossom Multi Whipped Butter.

Fill your whole body with the scent of flowers and moisture while warming your heart in the middle of winter.

Moisture lasts for a long time. A multi-cream that can be used all over the body from hair to toes and provides rich moisture.
It's light to the touch, non-sticky, and melts and spreads like butter at your body temperature.
Contains cold-pressed moringa oil and organic refined shea butter. Achieved
a natural origin index of 90%. A limited-edition design package that vividly depicts peach blossom flowers dancing like a flower shower.

Peach blossoms in full bloom celebrate the holiday season.
A pure scent full of happiness.


The product is available from Nov 2nd.

Apply to dry skin and hair ends.
When using it on your hair, use it sparingly and apply it to the ends of your hair.
To use on the face, take an amount about the size of a pearl on your fingertips, place on 5 areas: cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, then gently blend into the skin. We recommend using it at the end of your night care routine.
You can also use it in the morning depending on your skin condition. When applying makeup, please use a slightly smaller amount.