Excia Superior Cream Foundation EX

Color OC101 Light Ocher

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Excia Superior Cream Foundation EX.

Dramatic from the moment you stretch it. True beauty. Everything you want will come true.

A cream-type foundation that brings a beautiful luster to the skin and finishes it with the finest and smoothest skin. The rich and rich base gives a comfortable fit to the skin and spreads evenly, leaving the skin fine and smooth.
Corresponds to daytime skin changes such as wrinkles and dullness. The beautiful finish of the foundation lasts for a long time as if you remember the beauty of the foundation.
By blending treatment ingredients, it fills with moisturized skin while applying and keeps skin supple and firm.

30g/6 colors/SPF28 PA++
After conditioning the skin with a make-up base, take an appropriate amount on your fingertips or mat and spread it evenly over the entire face in order from the cheeks.
Use a mat for a quicker, more natural finish.