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Excia AL Repair Plump Eye Cream

Excia AL Repair Plump Eye Cream

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Excia AL Repair Plump Eye Cream.

A rich base that you can take care of.
Even the facial expressions around the eyes bounce.
An eye cream with a rich and rich texture that is full of rich moisture and firmness and shines brightly to the eyes.

The rich, rich cream spreads smoothly and wraps around the eyes with a rich protective film.

Fills the entire area of ​​the eyes with a moisturizing effect that is smooth and supple, giving the impression of a soft and radiant glow with an increased lively glow.

How to use - At the end of the care, take an appropriate amount on the attached spatula and carefully apply it with your fingertips so that it does not get in your eyes.

  • 15g