Excia AL Overfull Mask


Excia AL Overfull Mask

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Albion Excia AL Overfull Mask.

Wrap the dryness in freshness.
Concentrates the moisture to be contained and satisfied.
A mask that gives a rich moisturizing and fresh firmness to skin that tends to lose its condition due to dryness.
Penetrates into every corner of the stratum corneum, providing plenty of moisture and a satisfying feeling from the moment it is placed on the skin, and prepares a fine and radiant skin.

How to use - After the emulsion, remove the folded mask from the foil bag and gently unfold it. (At that time, since drops may drop, be careful not to get it on your clothes.)

Place the mask from the eye part of the widened mask according to the shape of the eyes, and fit it to the entire face while suppressing the outline from top to bottom. While adjusting with the notches on both sides of the chin and the notches on the lower side of the chin, hold it lightly with your palm so that the whole fits neatly.

After about 5 minutes, remove the mask and let the base that remains on the skin blend well with the skin. Then use a beauty essence or cream.

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