Exage White Whitening Pure Charger
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Exage White Whitening Pure Charger



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Albion Exage White Whitening Pure Charger.

Contains Vitamin C.
A medicated whitening serum that soothes and smoothes the texture.
A two-layer medicated whitening beauty essence with a fresh and rich texture that fills every corner of the skin with moisture and provides a pure, transparent, fine, and bright skin.

The whitening active ingredient quickly penetrates to every corner of the skin (horny layer), suppressing the formation of melanin and preventing spots and freckles.

 How to use - After applying lotion, shake the bottle well, open the cap, and take 1 dose (1 bottle) in the palm of your hand to apply it to the entire face.

You can also use it before a massage or pack.

One bottle is for once. Once you open the cap, please use all.

  • 1ml * 28