Exage White Calmy Sorbet Mask


Exage White Calmy Sorbet Mask

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Albion Exage White Calmy Sorbet Mask

It feels good on sun-exposed skin.
Cool pack with a solve feel.
A cool sorbet-like base that gives moisture while giving comfort, and is a pack that gives a refreshing and refreshing feeling to your skin.

A thick pack film containing a rich amount of moisturizing ingredients* wraps the skin (horny layer) and permeates every corner. Makes your skin fine and full of moisture.

How to use - After the emulsion, use the attached spatula to take about the amount of cherries (about 3 g) and spread evenly over the entire face. Leave it for about 2 to 3 minutes, wipe it gently with a tissue, and apply it to the skin.

  • 80g