Exage Skin Cleary Massage
Exage Skin Cleary Massage
Exage Skin Cleary Massage


Exage Skin Cleary Massage

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Albion Exage Skin Cleary Massage.

Unravel your heart and blend in with moisture.
Massage cream for glossy skin.
A massage cream that fills the skin (horny layer) with a rich amount of moisturizing skin and provides supple, lively skin.
The rich rich base feels like it melts smoothly, giving you a full massage experience and a supple and relaxing feeling.

How to use - After washing the face and milky lotion, take the attached spatula with the amount about the first joint of the thumb (about 3.5 g) and put it on 5 places on the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin), and put fingers on the whole face well. Extend it until it slips. Lightly massage from the center of the face to the outside for about 3 minutes. After the massage, wipe gently with a tissue. Always keep the attached spatula clean.

  • 80g