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Exage Sea Bum Control Essence EX

Exage Sea Bum Control Essence EX

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Albion Exage Sea Bum Control Essence EX.

Even the pores have a clean face.
A medicated serum that enhances the beauty of bare skin.
A medicated serum that removes excessive sebum, darkening pores (dirt), and keratotic plugs, and creates a smooth skin with inconspicuous pores and smooth skin.
With a refreshing and refreshing feel, it prevents the skin from becoming rough and tightly tightens the skin where pores are a concern, and prepares a finely textured skin.
Cleans up the corks and stickiness, keeping your skin smooth and smooth.
How to use - After washing your face, add an appropriate amount of cotton and wipe it with the T-zone.

  • 60ml/120ml