Exage Moist Eyes


Exage Moist Eyes

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Albion Exage Moist Eyes.

A moisturizing film that is completely fresh and fresh.
Eye cream that protects your clear eyes.
A moisturizing eye cream that gives a rich moisturizing effect to the eyes that are easy to dry and gives fluffy, supple skin.
It fills delicate eyes with abundant moisturizing and makes the skin firm and lively. It quickly fits into the skin (corneal layer) around the eyes, and a moisturizing protective film keeps the skin dry and smooth.

How to use - At the end of the care, take an appropriate amount on your fingertips, and while applying care not to get it in your eyes, apply it well from the inside of your eyes to the outside of your eyes. Use on the entire area around your eyes (upper and lower eyelids).
The area around your eyes is delicate, so you can apply it gently and gently.

  • 15g

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