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Exage Deep Reset Paste Wash

Exage Deep Reset Paste Wash

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Albion Exage Deep Reset Paste Wash.

Reset your skin.
Mud spa cleanser for smooth skin.
A facial cleanser that firmly adsorbs dirt to every corner of the skin (horny layer) and gives clean, smooth skin as if purified.

Contains 3 types of clay. It firmly adsorbs dirt and waste products in the back of the texture and cleans up the light bubbles to give a smooth texture and smooth skin.

How to use - Take about 1 cm (about 1 g) in the palm of your hand, lather it well with water or lukewarm water, wash your face, then rinse thoroughly. When using the product as a pack, use it after cleansing and with your hands and face not wet. Take about 3 cm (approx. 3 g) on ​​the palm of your hand and spread it little by little on your face, avoiding your eyes and mouth area. After leaving it for about 1 minute, add water or lukewarm water to make a good lather, wash your face thoroughly, and rinse thoroughly.

  • 140g