Exage Cleary Cleansing Cream
Exage Cleary Cleansing Cream
Exage Cleary Cleansing Cream


Exage Cleary Cleansing Cream

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Albion Exage Cleary Cleansing Cream.

Firmly off with a gentle feel.
A mellow cream type.
A cleansing cream that moisturizes, smoothes, and moisturizes skin while removing moisturizing makeup and dirt while giving a rich moisturizing effect.
A fresh and rich cream spreads out smoothly and gently caresses the skin while quickly raising makeup and dirt to clean and remove, leaving your skin moist and supple.


How to use - Take about 3 g of cherries in the palm of your hand, place it on 5 points on your face (forehead, both cheeks, nose, chin) and apply a helix on your skin like a helix with your fingertips to apply makeup and stains. Then, wipe the skin with tissue paper, taking care not to rub it strongly, or rinse with water or lukewarm water.

  • 170g