Etvos Mineral Crussy Shadow 2023CF

Color Calm Pink

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Etvos Mineral Crussy Shadow 2023CF.

Mineral-born Mineral Crussy Shadow, which allows even those with sensitive skin to freely enjoy makeup, is now available in holiday-limited colors and packaging.
The "pretty and pure" self and the "glamourous and positive" self are expressed in different shades of pink, creating a dramatic worldview around the eyes.

The possibilities are endless, such as eye makeup that uses all four colors or eye makeup that can be completed with just one to three colors depending on your mood.
8 beauty ingredients for sensitive skin. Carefully cares while providing moisture, and also moisturizes the eyelids.

Limited release on Oct 31st.

    #calm pink
    A lovely and delicate pink with a drop of transparent blue nuance. We create a mature look that combines purity and sensuality.
    The contrast between the delicate matte texture and the sparkle of glitter creates a fleeting yet impressive 4 colors.

    A gorgeous and dynamic pink with brown and orange nuances. It expresses the cuteness of adults who are positive and playful.
    4 colors that you can enjoy to the fullest, including bright matte colors and jewel-like glitter colors.

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