Decorte Cellgenie Facial Wash White


Decorte Cellgenie Facial Wash White

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Decorte Cellgenie Facial Wash White.

Thoroughly eliminates the causes of dullness and brittleness.
Facial cleanser with a fine lather to leave your face looking luminous.

For skin exposed daily to environmental aggressors.
A cream facial cleanser that brings out the translucency in your skin. Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clear.
Contains Illuminate AI Complex, a compound of Alnus firma extract (moisturizer) long used in Japan, and inula Britannica extract, popular in China, to give you skin with a beautiful complexion, keeping your stratum corneum in its ideal condition.
Contains mild amino acid-based cleansing ingredients that prevent loss of hydration. For skin that’s left feeling translucent and supple after cleansing.
Quickly forms a fine, dense lather just like a foam mask.
The dense lather completely removes dullness-causing, brittleness-causing dirt from the skin’s surface without rubbing, leaving your skin supple.
Removing dirt such as unnecessary sebum increases the penetrative power of subsequently applied cosmetics. Improves texture with every wash, making your skin smooth.
A floral-fresh herbal fragrance to evoke translucence and crisp efficacy, accented with refreshing notes of bergamot and Muguet.