De La Mer The Tonic

De La Mer

De La Mer The Tonic

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De La Mer The Tonic.

A lotion that cleanses and tightens the skin after cleansing with the moisture of the blessings of the sea. Balance before the next skin care. To the impression that it shines healthy.

After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to cotton and spread on face and nape. Then finish your skin care with your favorite serum and moisturizer.

Water, Methylgluces-20, Glyceres-20, Sculose, Na Citrate, Polysorbate 20, PPG-5 Ceteth-20, Caffeine, Oxybenzon-4, EDTA-2Na, Citric Acid, BG, Arge Extract, Na Hyaluronate, PPG- 28 Butes-35, Caraft kelp extract, Yellow 4, Red 227, Phenoxyethanol, Solbic acid K, Fragrance <JILN006047>