De La Mer The Lip Volumizer

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De La Mer The Lip Volumizer.

Beautiful pearly shine on the lips and a graceful feel.
Serum-inspired lip treatment with the brand's essence Miracle Bros moisturizes the lips and creates a plump and attractive impression with a pearly shine. Fill your lips with moisture from the sea and protect with a moisture barrier. You can experience the luxurious brilliance unique to La Mer with a single coat.


Place it directly on your lips and let it blend in. The multi-use lip treatment can be used as is, layered on The Lip Balm, or used as a base for lip color.

Vaseline, triisostearyl citrate, polyglyceryl triisostearate-2, polybutene, octyldodecanol, polyglyceryl pentaoleate-10, microcrystallin wax, cetyl PEG / PPG-10 / 1 dimethicone (ethylene / propylene / styrene) copolymer -Arge extract- (PPG-51 / SMDI) copolymer-Sia fat-Tocopherol acetate-Astropotassium mulmul seed fat-Ethylhexyl palmitate-Mentoxypropanediol-Palm oil-Tri (capric acid / capric acid) Glyceryl-theobromaglyconflorum Seed fat, glyceryl distearate, castor oil, cholesterol, acetylglucosamine, avocado oil, silica, saccharin Na, glycerin, sunflower seed wax, tribehenin, palmitic acid, oleic acid, phytosterols, hyaluronic acid Na, titanium oxide, mica, lime Fruit juice, ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, simethicone, PCA menthyl, BHT, olive oil, ethanol, (butylene / ethylene / styrene) copolymer, dicapric acid PG, sorbitan isostearate, sunflower oil cake, phytosphingocin, hydrogenated sunflower oil, ackesiso extract, peacock Stone, tourmaline, Ca carbonate, sorbitan oleate, iron oxide, barley seed extract, carmine, tin oxide, palmitoyl tripeptide-1, cucumber fruit extract, ascorbyl palmitate, alumina, bronze, copper, PET, silicic acid (Al / Ca / Na) ・ Synthetic gold mica ・ Bismus oxychloride ・ Oleic acid (Ca / Al) ・ Oleic acid (Ca / Na) ・ Yellow 4 ・ Al hydroxide ・ Sulfate Ba ・ Ethylhexyl hydroxystearate ・ Red 202 ・ Acrylate copolymer ・ Blue 1 ・ (Titanium / Titanium oxide) Sintered product / Phenoxyethanol / Fragrance <JILN009178>