Amplitude Extra Long Color Mascara

Color 00 Black

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Amplitude Extra Long Color Mascara.

In addition to the existing colors, a new color that brightly illuminates the eyes is born in addition to the long type mascara that makes each one longer, more beautiful, and even more voluminous.

The finish of mascara greatly affects the perfection of eye makeup. Therefore, we have added new colors that make each one longer and more beautiful, and the popular extra long color mascara will make a new debut in the outfit. By blending two types of nylon fibers with different lengths in a well-balanced manner, we succeeded in bringing not only the length but also a beautiful voluminous feel. The newly added color has a dramatic nuance that illuminates the eyes brightly and impressively each time it is exposed to light. By changing the container from a round shape to a square shape, the mascara liquid that adheres to the brush is adjusted, and the new design brings a higher degree of perfection.