Amplitude Clear Lip Coat


Amplitude Clear Lip Coat

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Just by stacking, you can keep the fresh finish and beautiful luster for a long time. A lipstick topcoat that has succeeded in the high-dimensional color-retaining coating.  

A magical lip coat that keeps the freshly applied finish for a long time and makes it hard to fall off just by layering it on the lip color. It is a transparent gloss-like finish that gives a vivid and fresh luster like enamel while carefully coating the lip makeup with gloss and lip line. It is hard to mix with color, there is no color transfer, and it keeps its beauty for a long time.  

  • Before use, mix the contents well with the dropper attached to the cap before use.
  • Please use it after applying lip color. Take an appropriate amount on your fingertips and apply it over your lips.
  • 8.5ml