ITRIM Elementary Habitual Lotion

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ITRIM Elementary Habitual Lotion.

A fresh mist that moisturizes, circulates, and makes the skin firm and glossy.

A skincare mist that protects the skin from dryness and other damage, refines the texture, and gives it a radiant, fresh moisture.
The texture that feels good on the skin and the excellent permeability are achieved by blending distilled water of Hamanasu flower, native Koshu grape sap, domestically produced rosemary distilled water, Tateyama water, and Sakurajima hot spring water. The elegant and soothing fragrance refreshes the mind and skin. It multi-functionally covers the signs of aging, prepares the skin barrier, and keeps the skin moisturized.


Estimated amount of use: Shake 2-3 times on 1 sheet of cotton, use 2 sheets of cotton on the entire face
・Use cotton so that it is slowly pressed onto the skin.
* If you slide the cotton on your skin, natural fibers may remain on your skin.
(1) Preparation: Take an appropriate amount on cotton, put cotton on the side of your nose, press it with your middle finger and take a deep breath before starting. Lightly apply lotion on the cheeks, under the eyes, and on the temples.
(2) Apply From
the center of the face to the outside, gently push it in with a symmetrical movement. Finally, slide the cotton down from the back of your ear to your collarbone.
Gently wrap the entire face with both hands and exhale while slowly pressing the skin for a few seconds.